Johnny Mechanic is the premier job-search firm for mechanics nationwide. We specialize in the recruiting and placement of mechanics for Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Electrician, and  Refrigeration Mechanics and other (Auto, Diesel) mechanics nationwide. So when you are looking for a top mechanic to help your company operate or your shop to be a reliable top revenue producer contact us today to get stated. We have a vast database of mechanics that have applied to our company for new jobs. We will post your add on our site and send it by email to our followers. And we screen all new applicants and verify with 3 confirmed and references before we send them so you for review so will know you are hiring a reliable employee. . And we are a top company for looking for a new job. Johnny Mechanic is the specialized recruiting firm for you! We at Johnny Mechanic are firm in our relentless spirit of excellence and dedication to the continuing needs of the communities we service by maintaining the highest ethical standards possible. We are committed to the challenge of leadership and measure our successes only by how our efforts benefit those we represent, which is what puts Johnny Mechanic on the leading edge of mechanic recruiting.

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Be an organ donor. Give the gift of life. And if you are A or O blood type I could use a kidney. contact  jeff@johnnymechanic.com .